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I'm back.

Decided to start writing on my blog again. It's been a while, but a lot has happened in my life since 2010, so I guess I can start to re-fill you in. I'm currently enrolled in University in America on a tennis scholarship. Hoping to move to New York soon as I am obsessed with that city. I actually went there a couple of weeks ago over Thanksgiving - I'll post some photos of that after this, for now I'm going to give you a quick photo history of my life since I arrived here.

As you can see I've done quite a lot since 2010. I somehow managed to get a boyfriend, he's in a few of the pictures. We went to Zante with another friend, I went to Paris last summer which was incredible. Since then we did break up, solely due to how awful the distance is from America to England, but we're still friends and I still talk to him on the regular. I also managed to make it to the Olympics with my brother and my dad. We went to watch the basketball, which was incredible. The complex was amazing and I genuinely think London did an amazing job of putting up the Olympics. I've also managed to go to a few parties as you can see from the photos, which are always fun. Anyway, that's pretty much a short version of how my life has been for the past few years. More to come, and I'll be putting up a New York post in the coming days.

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