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Whilst I was in New York I went to Williamsburg for the first time in the five times I have visited. All I can say is why did I not go sooner? It's a beautiful place, with incredible restaurants at extremely cheap prices. The restaurant my friend and I visited was called SEA. It is a thai restaurant, and we managed to get an appetizer and main course for $10. Some may think that because of this the food would have been awful, however, it was some of the best thai food I have ever eaten. Word to the wise, if you ever go to New York, GO TO WILLIAMSBURG. Even if you don't go to the restaurant we went to, then try one of them, because not only are the deals incredible, but the food is to die for.

Prolonged Thanksgiving Break Post

Over thanksgiving break the majority of my friends that I'm with at University in America either went home to their families or significant others. Leaving myself and a few other foreigners to fend for ourselves for the week. Luckily I have friends in one of my favourites cities, New York, so myself and a friend went to visit them. After a long day of flying, the attempt to find the house we were staying in, and thinking we were going to get attacked by a pitbull, we finally made it.

I didn't manage to get any photos of the food at the Pershing Square cafe/restaurant opposite Grand Central. However, if you are ever in New York, then go this restaurant for breakfast. The food is incredible, and the breakfast is to die for. If you've ever seen 'Friends with Benefits', the you will have seen the remake of this restaurant.. the name is different, but it pretty much looks the same.

We went to the incredible food court at Grand Central. I only managed a few snaps, but the food looked and smelt divine.

MY FAVOURITE "RESTAURANT" IN THE WORLD. You will come to learn that I have somewhat of a food fetish. I like to eat (a large proportion of the time). If you've never had Chipotle, then you pretty much have not lived. Their burritos are to die for.

I realised I had no pictures of myself in New York. So I decided to take one in the Zara dressing room with an outfit I liked. Sadly, I didn't have enough money to buy it, but it was really pretty.

I've always loved New York, and I think I always will. I'm a city girl and love the big lights and the bustling streets. I'm already planning my life there for the next two years, I just really hope everything pans out.