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Super Bowl Sunday.

This is my second year in a row of the Super Bowl in America and it didn't disappoint yet again. Even though we didn't go to a massive party or have a million people over it was extremely fun. I just went over to my friends apartment with a couple of people where we proceeded to play a Super Bowl drinking game and eat buffalo chicken dip - which was incredible. To be fair we managed to keep the game going throughout the whole battle between the 49ers and the Ravens. Not that I remember much of the end, but I know it was a fun night. Sadly, my Patriots didn't get into the Super Bowl so I wasn't overly interested in the outcome.. I was, however, rooting for the 49ers to win, but sadly they were just short at the end.

I bought this Patriots jersey for my boyfriend for Valentines day and obviously had to try it on just to make sure it looked good... He doesn't like surprises for some reason, and therefore I've already told him what it is. I'm sure he'll still be very excited when it arrives in the mail on February 14th.

This is how the night started. Every one was just having a good time and then the drinking game started, which led to some much less flattering photos, but a very entertaining evening. Good times, good friends, good night.

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