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When my mum told me she had bought us tickets for Jamie Oliver's big feastival I had absolutely no idea what is was. Obviously I gathered it was a festival about food, and if you know me, then you'll know that any type of day filled with different varieties of foods is pretty much my idea of the perfect day. 

The festival is held on Alex James' farm, who has recently become a cheesemaker - my ideal man. He is more commonly known as the bassist of the band Blur.

Bread is quite possibly one of the greatest inventions ever. You will come to learn that carbs are a large part of my life. Bread, bread, bread, accompanied with pasta and I'm set for life. 

I also have an extremely strong love for cheese. It's a major part of my life that I would sometimes (a large proportion of the time) put it before many people. Due to the fact I was overwhelmed by the amount of cheese at this festival, I actually forgot to take any pictures of the cheese. We did, however, buy some, so when I eventually get round to eating it then I will take some pictures and add them to this post. With Alex James being a cheese nut, there was a huge cheese stand that Hannah, my cousin, and I spent the majority of our time in, trying the various different cheeses on offer. 

These are a part of my wonderful and crazy family. 
My grandma, other cousins and aunties and uncles are missing.. but here we have my brother Michael, mum and dad, and my cousin Hannah.

The food at this festival was incredible. Once we got into the park I saw a truck that had one word written on the top of it, "Dumplings", after I saw this I turned to everyone and told them we had to make it our first stop. There was a selection of fish, meat and vegetable dumplings, so we decided to get a mixture of all of them. My favorite ones were the pork ones as they were the steamed dumpling choice and they are by far my favourite way of having dumplings cooked. 

We then continued to walk around all of the food trucks, sampling everything we could possibly get our hands on. This was my favourite aspect to the whole day, no matter where you were there was always some type of food or drink sample to buy. Technically, you could go through the day without spending any money, but if you want the good stuff then obviously you have to spend a little to keep yourself happy. Unlike many festivals, the prices were extremely good and considering it was a food based festival, I couldn't have imagined any better. 

After we had walked round a little more, stopped at the stage to see Levi Roots to his reggae thing, Hannah and I decided that we were hungry once more. So we took ourselves back to the lobster stand we had seen whilst we wandering around the festival earlier. Now, at 12 pounds 50 a lobster roll you expect to receive the greatest lobster roll you have ever had. I can honestly say that it was by far the greatest lobster roll I have ever tried. Not only was the lobster on point, the brioche they served it on just helped the whole thing melt in your mouth. I'm not sure what they did but Hannah and I think they dipped the brioche in the leftover oils from the lobster. Regardless, it is a must try. If you are interested in finding out more about them then visit the Cafe Môr website and see where you can grab your hands on one.

I'd text my friend that day and he basically told me that if I didn't get some sort of pulled pork sandwich at a food festival then there was something wrong with me. So I took his advice and went for this beauty... Sadly I don't remember the name of the place I bought it from, but if you intend on going to the Big Feastival next year then I'm sure it will still be there, considering it was amazing.

After all of that we were pretty stuffed and it was getting cold, so we decided to go and watch a bit of the Fleetwood Mac tribute band, conveniently named Fleetwood Bac, and then head on home. 

The Big Feastival is one of Jamie Oliver's greatest ideas. Bringing food and entertainment together, I mean, what more could a girl ask for? Regardless of whether you are going with friends or with your family, you are guaranteed to have an incredible day out, accompanied by excellent food choices. I'm trying to convince mum to get us tickets for the glamping part of the festival next year so we can stay the entire 3 days of the event. We shall see how that one pans out..

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