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Christmas in the countryside

This past Christmas was definitely one of my favourites. The younger part of our family, myself included, have all grown up slightly now and I think we are able to appreciate spending time together as a family much more than we did when we were children. That being said, my family and my mothers side of the family all decided to take a trip down to Padstow in Cornwall for the holiday season. We rented a house and stayed there for about a week. I had an extremely whirlwind trip; I was only in England for 10 days as I ventured back to New York to welcome the New Year with my friends.

Padstow is a small place where not many reside, or if they do then they don't venture out of their houses after about 7pm. There was one evening we went to a pub to eat dinner. We arrived at 8:20pm and they had already stopped serving food for the evening in order to close up shop soon, slightly different to Bristol, but we managed and found this beautiful little pub called the Pickwick Inn

That is a picture that includes a few members of the family, including my wonderful grandma - what a beauty. 

During our mini vacation we went on hikes through the countryside of Padstow, which is not at easy as it sounds due to the many hills that we had to climb up, ate large proportions in the food department and definitely drank more than your average family, but I can honestly say it was one of the greatest Christmases ever. Here are some photos to show you guys of the great time we had.

I hope everyone had as amazing a Christmas as we did. Happy New Year and may 2015 be fantastic for you all xo

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