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Burger Joint

I started off my day by moving four years worth of belongings from the Bronx to the city. It was a struggle, but thanks to the help of my good friend Omar (and his car), the whole journey went pretty smoothly. Obviously I offered him a good lunch for helping me out as we had both worked up one heck of an appetite.

Anyone that knows me will know that food is a major part of my life. If there is one thing I know, it's a good restaurant, or in terms of Burger Joint a great "hole in the wall" [in this case, literally a hole in the wall].

As you may know Le Parker Meridien is a beautiful hotel with a wonderful cocktail joint and restaurant to accompany it. You would not expect to find a greasy burger joint in the hotel. However, this is not just any burger restaurant; you walk into the beautiful hotel, there are no signs towards burger joint however once you enter the doors you are able to see a red curtain hanging from the ceiling with a short passageway next to it. Walking down this passageway you come to an illuminated burger sign leading the way to your delicious feast.

You are welcomed into the restaurant by the wonderful smell of burgers of the grill being cooked to your liking (and by quite a large queue due to the popularity of the hole in the wall). Make sure you know what you want once you get to the front of the line because they don't like faffers as it makes everything move a lot slower. It's an open plan kitchen so you are able to see the food being made as you order and wait, along with some friendly banter from the chefs and workers behind the counter.

The menu is relatively small, and there are gluten options available for those that are not able to eat the bread, but what more could you ask for than an extremely greasy cheeseburger to satisfy all of your wants and needs. Omar went for the cheeseburger, whilst I went all out and got the double cheeseburger with lettuce, pickles and mayo, but there are a few other additions you can have such as tomatoes, onions, and mustard. Accompanied with a bag of fries and a drink. The only downside to the sodas is that you are not able to refill them unless you want to pay and the cups are a pretty minuscule size. Aside from that, I would not complain about anything else to do with the restaurant. 

We got lucky as there were people leaving when we arrived, but when you go expect to wait for a table as the restaurant can get extremely busy at times. Which only shows how popularity of the burgers. For all of the foreigners coming to the USA, there are menus on the wall outside the restaurant in a variety of different languages for your pleasure. Not only can you wait in line to order your food, if you really cannot be bothered you can just sit at a table, fill out a menu card and wait for the waiter/ess to come over and take your order.

If you go, let me know what you think and send me pictures of your beautiful, greasy burgers. As you can probably tell from this next picture, I didn't enjoy the food that much...

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