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Cacio e Pepe

Living in New York, and America in general, is very interesting as people here tend to either eat out at restaurants or order take out a large proportion of the time. Being from England I am used to home cooked meals and due to the fact I miss it so much I'm trying to cook in the apartment as much as possible. Which, as a student in New York City, is also a much easier way to keep my spending to a minimum.

So, thanks to Chrissy Teigen's instagram I decided to make Cacio e Pepe tonight, with a limey twist.

Ingredients: Arugula, Lime, Spaghetti, Parsmesan, Chili Flakes & Beer (optional)
200 grams of spaghetti & 200-250 grams of cheese, the rest is fair game

In the end I decided not to use the Prosciutto that I had, but next time I'm going to add that in. You can pretty much add any meat you fancy to this dish due to its simplicity. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare and around 25 minutes to cook overall. A simple, quick, tasty dish. What more could you ask for?

Step #1: grate your cheese [pecorino romano is the most commonly known cheese used, but I went for parmigiano reggiano] and for an even simpler option, you can buy your cheese grated to lessen the workload

Step #2: boil the water, add salt and then place 200 grams of spaghetti [if you are able to find Tonnarelli, that will work even better]

Step #3: Keep a small portion of the pasta water to the side and drain the rest out

Step #4: Gradually add the cheese and leftover pasta water to the dish in order to create a creamy consistency [and in my case, red chili pepper flakes as I like my food spicy]

Step #5: Then add arugula to the dish, which contributes extremely well, and also gives you some of your daily greens

To finish, I served it up on a plate, added some zesty lime juice and voila! Black pepper is also a common addition to Cacio e Pepe, which I substituted for Chili flakes. It is an extremely easy dish to make, and any personal additions will help to create even different masterpieces. I recommend a cold beer to accompany the dish, however a nice glass of Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc would also compliment it extremely well.

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