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Now the real world starts.. or does it?

My (semi) graduation has taken place. By semi graduation, I mean that I walked for graduation but am yet to receive my diploma as I have a few classes to take over the course of this summer. Then by August of this year I will be completely finished. How did the time go so quickly and can I rewind it?

College has by far been some of the greatest years of my life. Yes, you always meet people that you won't see eye to eye with, (un)surprisingly common between Brits and Americans due to the sense of humour barrier between the two - coming from England I have grown up with an over exaggerated sarcasm and friendliness in the way I act. Americans on the other hand are a lot more stand offish, not in every case [you get the odd few that are exactly like me], but for the most part they find it extremely difficult. Firstly, understanding my sense of humour can be a struggle for them. Americans have a knack for being serious a large portion of the time, whereas as Brits we are a lot more laissez faire about situations, and secondly, there is a common misconception between my friendliness coming across as flirting. This is sadly a common misconception I have had to face over the years, but with my personality, I have tried as little as possible to let it be a problem for me. I'm not one for confrontation (mainly because I fail miserably at arguing), therefore I just let most things go right over my head. Go with the flow and all that jazz. 

Aside from these minor qualms I've had, I have had the greatest four years of my life that I wouldn't change for the world. Whether it was my first two years at Marshall University, which don't get me wrong is in the middle of bumblef**k no where, but is home to some of the nicest people I could have ever met. Then to move onto Fordham University in New York was a dream come true. I had wanted to live in New York since I was little Ellie "five bellies" (yep, that was the nickname given to me by my parents, SO LOVED). I can honestly say I've met some lifelong friends here and I've had the most incredible of times in one of the greatest cities in the world. Sadly now that it's almost coming to an end I'm going to have to stop using the excuse of being a college student for drinking on a weekday and maybe turn into a normal person?

Saying that, after I finish with my studies in August I intend to go home for a few months and then move onto the next place. I'm thinking of working a ski season, where does everyone suggest the best location would be... France, Canada, New Zealand? If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. The next adventure awaits. 

Cheers to being one of my favourite cities to live in, New York!

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