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Shakespeare in Central Park

Before anything, can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Central Park (otherwise known as my garden, or in the American dictionary, my "backyard") is. It's summertime in New York city and the park is full of people basking in all of its glory. End of note.

Over the past few summers in England my mum has taken me to the Open Air Theatre in Regent's Park where I have been lucky enough to watch a few plays. I knew Central Park offered the same deal in their own Open Air Theatre, the Delacorte Theatre just off of the west 81st entrance into the park. I was lucky enough to be following Jesse Tyler Ferguson, a regular in the show Modern Family, on Twitter. Due to him being in the current show, The Tempest, which started on May 28th, I was able to see that the show had only recently started. With the knowledge that the first few days of a show were easiest to get in to I rounded up a couple of my friends and we decided to go along and get tickets.

Tickets for Shakespeare in the Park are free, the only catch is that you have to wait in a line for a couple of hours. As you can see in the photo below, the line stretches back pretty far. Ticket giveaways start at 12pm, but the key is to arrive in the park between 8-10am if you want to make sure you obtain a ticket. It has also been known in the past for people to camp outside of the park until it opens at 6am (but this is for the die hard fans).

Luckily, we were able to keep ourselves entertained in the line with the help of this little fella. He came and snuggled up right on my leg and I really didn't want to let him leave because he was so soft, but sadly I had to eventually.

and of course my selfie taking skills looking extremely happy in line. Plus, some stellar entertainment which you can watch HERE.

After obtaining our tickets we were extremely hungry, naturally, so we went to grab a little slice of heaven. Otherwise known as CHIPOTLE. You will have noticed that I capitalized and enhanced that little piece of text. This, my friends, is because Chipotle is pretty much my favourite restaurant ever. I don't think anyone that knows me would ever disagree due to the extent in which I venture to this chain. I genuinely believe I am probably one of their greatest customers and should really have received one of their chipotle gold cards by now. Petition for this is imminent. 

Following this I decided to venture away from my friends for a couple of hours and go exploring through Central Park before the show. Meeting some new friends along the way (in the form of animals).

 That last picture is what my future home will undoubtedly look like (in my dreams)

Finally it was time to meet up with the rest of my comrades and make our way into the theatre. It was an extremely smooth process with the doors opening at 7:30pm and the play starting promptly at 8pm. Whilst my friend Peter and I were waiting for the rest of our group we were just minding our own business, sitting on one of the large rocks outside the theatre when we see none other than Jesse Tyler Ferguson walk right next to us on his phone [we have a sneaky suspicion he was pretending so that no one bothered him before he went into his performance]. 40 minutes before the show and he just casually rocks up. What a lad!

Overall, the show was fantastic and anyone that gets the opportunity should really go and see the Tempest whilst its available from May 27th - July 5th. Jesse Tyler Ferguson plays his character extremely well as has been perfectly cast as the Jester during the performance, with his comical value shining throughout. I was in awe of the rest of the cast and the numerous lines they had to learn, especially the character of Prospero portrayed by Academy Award nominee Sam Waterston (Newsroom, Law & Order, The Public's King Lear).

For more information please visit the website: Shakespeare in the Park.

Mum! Dad! I'm cultured now.

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