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Healthy 'on-the-go' Smoothie

Now this, my friends, is an extremely quick, easy to make smoothie.
For those that are in a rush or merely want something healthy without having to go the whole hog and make a lavish meal.
If you don't have a blender, it can be slightly more time consuming and challenging, however, there are ways. For example, you can try a fruit powder smoothie, a mashed soft fruit smoothie, or a non-electric blender smoothie. For the purposes of this post, I used a blender.

Start off by chopping up all of your ingredients and placing them in the blender.
My ingredients of choice were as follows:
Greek Yoghurt

You can obviously substitute the fruits for anything you desire. I always like to use bananas in my smoothies, which is strange, because by themselves I can't stand them. However, they have extremely good health benefits when added to the smoothie, including; providing energy, promoting cardiovascular health, kidney health, and helping with your immune system, amongst many others. I'm big on berries as well, so any berry based smoothie is a winner in my eyes. Adding greens such as avocado, spinach or kale are also extremely beneficial, and although many people don't like them by themselves, you can hardly taste them in the smoothie itself.

After you have blended all the fruits down, you are left with the finished product.
These mason jars are a godsend, and luckily for me they have my surname on them. You are able to purchase them at an extremely good price in bulk here. I use them for all of my smoothies, and sometimes they house the odd alcoholic cocktail as well. 
I don't think it gets much easier than that. Happy blending!

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