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One World Trade Center

I was lucky enough to be invited to the 63rd floor of the new One World Trade Center last week. My friend Nat is part of a fundraising group called Right to Dream which allows young, talented children from Africa the opportunity to fulfill their potential and gives them the capacity to have a better future for themselves and their communities. Nat was one of those children, and he was one of my classmates at Fordham that received a sporting scholarship like I did, however, his was to play football (soccer in American terminology). And he was extremely good at it as well.

Obviously this was one of the first pictures I took whilst I was up on the 63rd floor, and what a great view it is.

We were lucky enough to be offered an open bar as well, sponsored by Stoli. Everyone was extremely merry after a while, and after a few conversations with the lovely donors for the cause, there were a couple of speeches from the children from Africa themselves. This was an extremely touching segment, as it showed how their lives had been changed for the better. 

There were a number of prizes being auctioned off in the silent auction, such as tickets to Mets games, signature footballs, amongst many others. After the speeches, there was a much larger auction taking place, which included prizes such as a week long stay at a 30 person chalet in Vermont or some beautiful part of the country, with all the money going towards these children in need.

Aside from the spectacular view (I recommend you take a trip to the new World Trade Center as soon as possible), the cause is magnificent, and I urge everyone to take a look at the website and see the great work Right to Dream does. 

The rest of the night turned into a slight blur, with my camera being used by anyone and everyone, so here are some of the results.  It was also the end of the road for my camera cap as the unimaginable happened and it fell down the crack in the elevator. That has always been a worry for me, that something would fall down that part, and sadly it happened. 

If you get the opportunity, I thoroughly suggest taking a trip to the top. Not only is there a magnificent view, but you are also able to experience a slice of history whilst being up there.

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