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The Dock House

I'm just going to rave about a restaurant for a second.
Well, I wouldn't even call it a restaurant.. it is merely a shack on a pier where many private boats are owned. I'm talking about the Dock House in Sag Harbor. This is my first visit to the Hamptons, and naturally I was craving a Lobster roll. I mean we are by the ocean after all.

I looked online for a number of places that sold Lobster rolls, and this was amongst the top rated.
I'm telling you now, it did not disappoint.

Regardless of the light you shoot it in, it still looks magnificent.

Especially from this angle.

It is filled with lobster-y goodness.

So, if you are lucky enough to find yourself in the Hamptons this summer, or any summer for that matter, then make sure you take a trip to the Dock House and order up some lobster rolls. 

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