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Campfire Pesto Mac n Cheese

I love pasta and I love cheese, so this is the greatest camping dish I could have made.

If like me you are not a seasoned camper, and aren't used to cooking over a fire, this is a pretty easy (and ridiculously tasty) dish. The hardest part about cooking over a fire is that the smoke gets everywhere, but aside from that it takes about 20 minutes or so, depending on the heat of your flame and how long the water takes to boil.

Ingredients needed to feed about 4 with this beautiful dish:
a box of pasta from the shop (any kind of the small ones will do, we went for the spiral)
a tin of pesto - homemade if you have time, and a cooler
a lot of pepper jack cheese
salt & pepper to season

Honestly, I'm a lover of cheese and pesto so I tend to over add those ingredients.
Just add as much as you like (go on, add more)

So, get that fire started and start boiling your water.

Once you've got a nice boil going, add the pasta and let it cook for about 5-10 minutes longer than it says on the package. Add some salt and keep stirring regularly.

Take it off the heat and drain the water. Keep about a cup or so of water to add later on.

Then comes the fun part! Add your pesto and mix it in, then add your slices of cheese (YAY). Whilst you're stirring it all around, add the water that you have left over from the pasta as it will help in the stirring process of the cheese, and also help it not to stick to the pan as much. Serve over a bed of spinach to add a little bit of health to mix. You're going to need it with all the cheese you've got going on.

Top tip: buy a nice bottle of red and use it to accompany your meal.

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