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Joshua Tree National Park

Considering how traumatic our last hiking experience was, I was unsurprisingly skeptical about this one. 

In true form, we arrived when it was dark out. Thankfully, unlike Yosemite, Joshua Tree is more open plan and has much smaller trees. Typically, he first two campsites were full and we thought we were in for another horrendous experience, but then we came across Jumbo Rocks Campground. Honestly, I’m pretty happy about the fact the others were full because Jumbo Rocks was a beautiful campground. 

As I said it was pretty dark out, but thankfully the stars gave us a little bit of light. We started a fire (when I say we, I mean dad did, but I was there for moral support). I did sort out some killer tuna sandwiches for us though, so who was really the important one in that situation?

After a relatively good nights sleep, we woke up, changed and headed to the visitors centre to plan our day. Let’s be honest, we didn’t want a report of what happened in Yosemite! So we spoke to the lovely man behind the desk and decided on the Barker Dam Trail, a drive down Geology Road, a hike up Ryan Mountain, and a quick look at Skull Rock. All in a days work. 

The grand old machine that's been driving us around.

Not an easy trail, but also not one of the hardest we've done. Three miles there, three miles back, but trust me when I say, going down is one of the quickest experiences. Going up on the other hand is a little bit of a pain. It's all worth it for the view though. 
Just look at this.

Mountains, on mountains, on mountains.

This is the Instagram I obviously went to Joshua Tree for. Basic or nah?

It's a rock that's literally a skull.
Top tip: stay at Jumbo Rocks and it's legitimately just around the corner.

Oh, and we went to watch the sunset at a place called "Hall of Horrors" (not as scary as made out)

The next morning, we woke up at 6:00am to watch the sunrise. I love a good sunrise, but any waking up early for me is a feat in itself. So, everyone should be extremely proud of me, and we were heading to Las Vegas that day so I had something to be excited about. Vegas always gets bold writing because it's one of the greatest places on earth

Top tips for Joshua Tree: Don't be like us, arrive when it's light out. Make friends with your campmates. Get a map of the park. Hike Ryan Mountain, it's worth it for the views. Get lots of pictures because the place is beautiful & stay in Jumbo Rocks Campground.

Next up, the best campfire mac n cheese you could make.

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