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Los Angeles, Original Farmers’ Market & Santa Monica Pier, Day One

Been away for a couple of days in the desert so haven't had any wifi. Technically I'm in another desert now, but that is the Las Vegas desert, where wifi is everywhere! We drove down Highway 1 to get to LA, where the views looked something like this..

After arriving later the night before, dad checked into his hotel and I went to stay at my friend Gerry’s place for the night. We just hung out and ordered pizza, catching up as it had been too long. The next morning, dad came to pick me up and we headed to the Grove and the Original Farmers’ Market.

This place was basically my ideal spot. Alongside a few touristy shops, there was a different food stall pretty much everywhere you looked. They have everything from fruit, to sweets, to spicy sauces, to crêpes! As soon as I saw The French Crêpe Company I realised that was where I was going, but not before snapping a few shots of some interesting looking fruit and veg. 

As for the crêpe, I ordered a Marie Antoinette. This is where you get to choose 4 different fillings from: Swiss, Mozzarella, Cheddar Cheese, Eggs, Sour Cream, Fresh Tomatoes, Avocado, Onions, Fresh Spinach, Ham, Turkey, Tuna Salad, Mushrooms. I chose spinach, avocado, ham & mozzarella. Dad went around to one of the stalls that was selling curry and got himself a green curry. 

So, take a trip to the farmers’ market, have a little walk around, order yourself a crêpe, or whatever takes your fancy and have a grand old time. 

In the afternoon, we headed down to Santa Monica beach, hired some bikes and cycled our way along. If you ever take a trip to LA, I would highly suggest hiring a couple of bikes and cycling along the beach. Not only is it beautiful, but you have a whole new way of seeing everything. There’s quite a big contrast between Santa Monica and Venice beach. Santa Monica is definitely a place you would consider slightly more upper class, whereas Venice has two different parts to it. One minute you could be cycling next to amazing beachfront houses and the next you’ll be buy a load of street stalls where people are trying to make a living. 

That evening , we all went to the Bungalow for a night out. We were having so much of a good time, that we didn't really take any pictures, but it's a lovely bar/club scene. Very relaxed, very LA. 

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