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San Diego, La Jolla Cove & Lemonade

Since starting this trip, dad and I have been using an app called HotelTonight to find cheap(er) hotels on the day, basically. How it works is you put in the location of where you are going to be and it will find you hotels at discounted rates. For this particular trip, we ended up at the San Diego Marriott La Jolla which couldn't have been better. They allowed us to upgrade to a room with two beds, the shower was great and there was even a pool. We managed to get our room for two nights for the amazing price of $172 overall (this hotel usually goes for more than that for one night, so to say we got a bargain is an understatement).

The app works in the United States as well as England, and if you use the code: ELBALL you'll get $25 off your next booking, so book away guys.

I have a friend from San Diego that lives in La Jolla, and it's safe to say I'm jealous of where she grew up because it is a beautiful town. It has a very relaxed California atmosphere and everyone was very friendly. When we were there the weather was incredible so we took a trip down to La Jolla Cove to go and mingle with some seals.

You are able to get extremely close to the seals, who don't always like it at times, but usually they're just minding their own business relaxing on rocks or play fighting in the water. I wouldn't say seals are the prettiest of animals, or make the nicest of noises, but they are very interesting to watch for a while. Plus, the views were beautiful. I love all the rocks and mini cliff edges there are, and the fact that you can walk around on them and basically be within touching distance of the seals was pretty fun.

After walking around the cliffs, we'd worked up an appetite so we headed to the amazing restaurant that is Lemonade. The exterior is always really bright and welcoming and then when you walk in you can just tell that this health spot is going to be your go to place whenever you're in California. The way it works is a cafeteria esque vibe. You go down the "buffet" line choosing your salad option, protein option, and whatever else takes your fancy. Then once you get to the end you choose what should be award winning lemonade, because it's perfect. Also, as a side note, you can also ask for sample of pretty much everything at Lemonade, so go crazy!

Dad and I both went a little crazy, but hey, America is all about the doggy bag and taking your food home for later, so that's exactly what we did. Dad went for: Kale & Red Pear, Smoked Tri-Tip & Fingerling Potatoes, Citrus Poached Salmon Filet, Mac n Cheese, and a Blood Orange Lemonade. I went for: Avocado & Tomatoes, Sun-dried Tomato with Ravioli, Watermelon Radish & Seared Ahi-Tuna (TOO DIE FOR), Citrus Poached Salmon Filet, and a Cucumber Mint Lemonade. Oh, and not forgetting the WHITE TRUFFLE MAC N CHEESE ON THE SIDE. You have got to try that mac n cheese. I'm a mac n cheese lover and it was mac n cheese-alicious.

Pretty full and needing a much needed rest, we went back to the hotel and hung out by the pool for a few hours before heading to the beautiful Sunset Cliffs. But I'll be showing you the cliffs in all their glory in my next post. For now, try out HotelTonight, get yourself a "5 star hotel at a 1 star price" as my dad puts it and go find a Lemonade to gorge on. Don't forget to try that Truffle Mac n Cheese, because it will leave you with not only a full tummy, but also a happy heart.

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