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The Long, Winding Roads of Texas


The most boring place to drive through. Ever.

If you ever have to drive all the way through Texas, like dad and I did, make sure you have an incredible playlist, think of a couple of car games to play, stock up on snacks and water, and expect minimal views. Now, the cities we visited in Texas were actually really fun, and had incredible food, however, the drive is extremely boring. I'd sugarcoat it, but I'd be selling you a lie.

I on the other hand, mainly kept myself sane by taking a load of selfies.
Dad loves a selfie, so he was the perfect candidate for the task.


The Grandest of Canyons

After a "relaxing" few days in Vegas...
Somewhat. But when is Vegas ever a relaxing trip overall?
We headed to Arizona to take a look at the greatness that is the Grand Canyon.

Probably leaving a little later than we needed to, I got my last In'N'Out Burger.
Not ever, but it felt like it. Until I eventually return to California at least... So, we need to start a petition to get this amazing burger joint over to England. Leaders of the In'N'Out world, help a girl with a burger obsession out!

After waking up early the following morning, dad and I headed out to the Grand Canyon.

Words do not do the place justice, so here are an abundance of photos to help you realise how amazing it is.


Las Vegas: The Happiest Place in the World… for Adults

After a couple of days of camping, we took the short 2 and a half hour drive from Joshua Tree to Las Vegas. The views along the way were beautiful and I thoroughly suggest stopping now and again to take a lot of photos. Even if that does mean parking your car in the middle of the roads and hoping no other cars cross your path.