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Las Vegas: The Happiest Place in the World… for Adults

After a couple of days of camping, we took the short 2 and a half hour drive from Joshua Tree to Las Vegas. The views along the way were beautiful and I thoroughly suggest stopping now and again to take a lot of photos. Even if that does mean parking your car in the middle of the roads and hoping no other cars cross your path.

Whilst we were in Vegas we stayed in three hotels using HotelTonight
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I’m obsessed with the Bellagio. The casino, the pool, it’s all just magical. So, the first night, we were lucky enough to nab a room there. It definitely did not disappoint. Obviously it’s a very old hotel, so the room was dated, but we got a view of the pool, the beds were comfortable and the perks to staying there were fantastic. I’m a lover of a good hotel robe, and the Bellagio robes were so comfortable, I could have worn that robe all day if I was allowed. 

Onto the pool(s) at the Bellagio.

There are four of them. Two big ones, one private one for those people that pay extra money for comfier chairs and cabanas, and a smaller one towards the back. Also, they have the hot tub which is magical, if not a little too hot at times. Dad loved it though.

Here comes the top tip of the trip. Although we only stayed at the Bellagio officially the one night, we kept out keys and were able to use the pool for the following days. I highly suggest doing this, because out of every pool this was definitely our favourite. But shhhh, don’t spill the beans.

I was also lucky enough to get chatting to a group of English guys that were staying in one of the penthouse suites and managed to wangle my way up there. If you know me, you know how chatty I am. If you don’t, I’m basically the type of person that will and can talk to anyone, so the casino tables at the Bellagio were my favourite place because it’s so easy to make new friends. Vegas, all in all, is pretty much the dream place for a chatterbox like me.

On the second night we got a deal at The Lynx Hotel. The rooms were very nice and up to date in this hotel, but it just wasn’t for me. The casino was too much as such, in the sense that it was way too loud and just didn’t ooze the same class that the Bellagio did. It was definitely a hip hotel though, as there was loads of artwork around and it had a great lively feel to it. 

Our third and final hotel is one of my favourites on the strip, the Vdara. It’s situated right next to the Aria and also connects to the Bellagio through a passageway. I stayed there the last time I went to Vegas with my best friend in April and it’s just incredible. It’s one of the hotels on the strip that isn’t home to a casino, but as I said, it literally connects to the Bellagio so what more could you ask for? 

I’m still yet to try one of their spa treatments that they offer, but next time I’m there I’ll be taking the plunge. The beds are extremely comfortable and the rooms are exquisite (the deep tub in the bathroom is incredible as well, it just goes on forever! Make sure you take your own bubble bath with you so you can have the greatest bubble bath ever). Not only are the rooms themselves perfect, but the views you get are fantastic from pretty much every angle. Tip: ask for a room up high if possible, you won’t regret it.

Overall, the favourite hotel is definitely the Vdara. Mainly because the rooms are very updated, but also because it connects to the Bellagio. My favourite place in Vegas. 

Next on the list, Vegas food & places to go.

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