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Gatorland to the Biltmore

From New Orleans I had to drive down through Florida to drop dad at the airport and then go back up to North Carolina. We had a pit stop in Pensacola, which had beautiful white sandy beaches, incredible oysters, and an unbelievable sunset.

Queen of the candid...



I am a huge lover of live music, so taking the trip to New Orleans was a dream of mine.
Let me tell you now, it definitely did not disappoint. 

First off, Bourbon Street is a bit of an ehhh experience. 
If you're looking for a sleazy street with brothels on your left and right, then this is the place for you. However, if you're looking for the live music, drinking experience of New Orleans, then head down to Frenchmen Street where you will get a taste of the NOLA you have your heart set on.