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Gatorland to the Biltmore

From New Orleans I had to drive down through Florida to drop dad at the airport and then go back up to North Carolina. We had a pit stop in Pensacola, which had beautiful white sandy beaches, incredible oysters, and an unbelievable sunset.

Queen of the candid...

 In Pensacola we met this group of guys that were off to Tallahassee the same weekend I was after dropping dad off at the airport. They were heading there for the Florida State v Clemson (American) football game, and luckily enough they had a spare ticket for me. Football fans will know that this is a pretty huge game for college football, so I was pretty excited. Having gone to University in the United States I've watched a fair few football games in my time, this however, was the loudest, craziest one I have been to to date.

Just look at the size of this beauty

Then came the drive to Asheville in North Carolina.

I stopped in Atlanta along the way and stayed in a lovely AirBnB.
Then I got to eat breakfast at the incredible Egg Harbor Cafe Buckhead and got this beautiful skillet: chorizo, jalapeƱo & potato, topped with two eggs sunny side up.

Definitely a must try breakfast spot if you're ever in Atlanta.
I also went for dinner the night before at La Tavola Trattoria which is an amazing Italian restaurant tucked away down a street. I went for the squid ink spaghetti, with calamari, Calabrian chilis, garlic, and Thai basil pesto. Found here on Instagram.

After this hearty breakfast I headed on up to my best friends' parents house in Asheville.
Luckily for me, his mum works at the Biltmore, so I didn't have to spend the ridiculous fee to get into the grounds. Plus, they were setting up for Christmas (MY FAVOURITE TIME OF YEAR), so all of the trees were being put up. It was beautiful.

Oh, to live in such a big house, with ridiculous amounts of land.
....and with a bowling alley, swimming pool, gym...
I literally felt like I was in a real life version of Downton Abbey.
Wouldn't mind a house like that of my own, but hey, wouldn't we all?

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