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Doughy Cheeseboat

What's more exciting than a regular loaf of bread?
A loaf of homemade bread, filled with lots and lots of cheese.
A Georgian dish, also known as Khachapuri.

I recently saw a buzz feed video about a restaurant that's open in Brooklyn, called Cheeseboat. Although they do other dishes, this is the meal that most people venture out to Brooklyn for. It's literally a big bowl of dough, filled with whatever type of cheese you fancy, and you can add to it with meats, or spices or whatever (cheeseboat) floats your boat at the time. See what I did there?

For my filling I went for slightly different approach to what they told me to do online. 
I'm a huge lover of most cheeses, and I also love a spinach and ricotta dip when it's around. So I went for a spinach, ricotta, feta, and cheddar filling. Try saying that five times over as quick as you can. spinach, ricotta, feta, and cheddar..... dreamy.


William Reavell Photography Course

For Christmas, my mum and dad (although he never knows what the presents are going to be until we open them) bought me the opportunity to go on a food photography course. I love food, and I love photography, so it was the ideal gift. The majority of presents had something to do with cameras or food, from lens shot glasses, to a life size camera made out of chocolate... which I am yet to eat. Should probably start that one soon.

Anyway, I arrived in London after staying over at a family friends close by the night before. The course started at around 10am, and after a brief discussion and introductions, we got down to the good stuff... the photography. Also, shout out to the girls cooking the food during the day, because it was incredible. Not only to photograph, but we got to eat it as well and it was fabulous.

We started out with some colourful vegetables.

As you can see in this photo, the camera has managed to focus on the bay leaf in the middle of the photo, whilst the other vegetables have been blurred at the front and the back.


Mummy Ball's Ferrero Rocher Extravaganza

What's your favourite chocolate in the world?

Well, mine is Ferrero Rocher. My mum knows this, and decided to make the mother of all cakes. My mother making the mother of all cakes. If that's not a pun in itself, I don't know what is.

A couple of years ago, mum made this cake for me for my birthday. I think it was my 18th, and it was pretty much the greatest cake in existence. The sheer size and number of layers it contained was just magical and I've been waiting ever since for it to return. After numerous years of asking, she finally gave in to my pleas and caved in.

Chicago & Nashville

Took a pit stop in New York to see some friends on my way to Niagara Falls, Chicago & Nashville. As I've lived there for 4 years I very rarely do any of the tourist things anymore, but here are some New York suggestions if you're taking a trip there:
  • Central Park is a given. Such a beautiful place to walk round, whether it's during the summer, or the snowy winter. Make sure you wrap up warm in the winter though because it's bloody freezing.
  • Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien hotel on W 56th. It's a literal hole in the wall burger joint. Trust me. One of the best burgers you'll get in the city. 
  • Ellen's Stardust Diner. One of the cheesiest places to visit, but basically those that aren't yet able to make it to Broadway get a job at this diner waiting tables, yet also showcasing their incredible singing talents at the same time. 
  • PHD Rooftop Bar. The drinks, the views, the people. Enough said. 
  • Infirmary NYC in between 89th and 90th on 2nd ave. Shameless plug because my friend is a bartender here, but the cocktails (and food) are on point. If you're ever there, ask for Tyler or Andres, order a Silver Tongued Devil and say Ellie sent you. 

Wilmington, North Carolina.

Part of my trip allowed me the chance to explore Wilmington.
Known by many as the HOME OF ONE TREE HILL.

My friend Sam lives there, so luckily I got to see the city from the perspective of what one would now consider a local. Here he is, the friendly giant. I mean, I know I'm almost the technical term for a midget, but he's ridiculously tall.

The food, people, and city of Wilmington is incredible, but one thing is for certain about this place, the beaches are absolutely beautiful.  The little secret pathways, the incredible white sandy beaches, and the sun that I rarely get to see here in England. Although it was still a little chilly due to the time of year, it was still beautiful. Oh, how I wish we had beaches that looked like this over here.