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Chicago & Nashville

Took a pit stop in New York to see some friends on my way to Niagara Falls, Chicago & Nashville. As I've lived there for 4 years I very rarely do any of the tourist things anymore, but here are some New York suggestions if you're taking a trip there:
  • Central Park is a given. Such a beautiful place to walk round, whether it's during the summer, or the snowy winter. Make sure you wrap up warm in the winter though because it's bloody freezing.
  • Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien hotel on W 56th. It's a literal hole in the wall burger joint. Trust me. One of the best burgers you'll get in the city. 
  • Ellen's Stardust Diner. One of the cheesiest places to visit, but basically those that aren't yet able to make it to Broadway get a job at this diner waiting tables, yet also showcasing their incredible singing talents at the same time. 
  • PHD Rooftop Bar. The drinks, the views, the people. Enough said. 
  • Infirmary NYC in between 89th and 90th on 2nd ave. Shameless plug because my friend is a bartender here, but the cocktails (and food) are on point. If you're ever there, ask for Tyler or Andres, order a Silver Tongued Devil and say Ellie sent you. 

Now back to travels.

I took a pit stop at Niagara Falls to take a look.. wanted to go to the Canadian side, but I was worried that I might not get back in the country due to everything that was going on in the States at the time, so I decided to stick to the side I was on. 

Look at these views though.

Due to the time of year it was pretty empty, which suited me just fine. If you don't like the large crowds, take a trip in November. It's a little chilly, but beat all the tourists. 

Next stop, Chicago.

Beany, beany, bean.
It may only be a bean, but it's a pretty famous bean after all.

Then I obviously went to try some deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati's. It is famous after all.

And it was so freakin' yummy.
Had to take a trip to champions of the "World" (American) Series of Baseball. 

Then I picked my mum up from the airport and we headed on down to Nashville.

If you enjoy live music, like me, then make sure you take a trip to Nashville.
Granted, you probably have to like country music, but oh my god, I was in a dream world.

Not only is the music incredible, some of the food places we went to were so good.
Especially Butcher & Bee. It's one of those restaurants where you get a load of different plates for sharing. From homous, to pita bread, poke bowls, burgers... and the WHIPPED FETA
You heard that right, feta thats whipped. If anyone loves cheese as much as me, you'll enjoy that dish.

Make sure you take a trip to the Johnny Cash museum. Because Johnny Cash.

Incredible museum, for an incredible man.

And to top things off, here's the all famous sign. Which is in an area that is full of boutique stores, so make sure you take a trip there. 12th South street is where you need to venture to.

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