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About me

I'm a recently turned 24 year old with a love for life, food, and travelling. 
(Oh, and tequila, which I'm guessing you've gathered from the above image)

I played tennis from the young age of 7, and by 14 years old I was travelling the world for tennis tournaments. There were many time I've had to travel alone, therefore, I've been able to become friends with a wide range of people across the world. It helps that I will literally talk to anyone I come in contact with!

Graduating from University last year in New York, and then packing up and moving to California for a year I've been able to experience quite a lot. I am currently back in England after recently undergoing a huge road trip across the United States. Check the travel section of my blog for some information on some of the places I visited.

If you have any suggestions of where I should venture to, let me know!


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